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golf phone caddy
golf phone caddy
magnetic golf cart phone holder
cellphone holder for golf cart
golf cart phone holder
golf phone holder
phone caddy for golf cart
golf cart phone holder iphone
golf phone caddy
phone holder for golf cart
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golf phone caddy
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【Help Improve Golf Swing】Our magnetic golf cart phone holder help you take video in portrait or landscape with 360°adjustable viewpoint to record your golf swing , analysis your golf shooter posture more accurate to correct your posture,and improve your golf score

【Golf Course And Driving Range Use】The golf phone caddy built-in N52 magnets, easily attached on golf cart and golf bags,no matter you’re playing on golf course or golf driving range,the golf phone holder is super practical for you

【Easy Take Videos】The magnetic golf phone caddy come with blue tooth remote that you can remove and easy to control your phone's camera to take video,perfect for taking selfies and steady golf swing shots, operation up to 30ft (10m),this allow you get instant golf shooter training video feedback without help

【Easy Release】The magnetic phone holder easy to remove your phone from the bracket,this makes it convenient when phone calls coming or when the application you are using requires additional input,this will help you improve your golf swing posture without delay to improve your golf skills

【Universal Fit】The magnetic golf phone caddy is widely compatible for iPhone 13 pro max / Samsung Galaxy / Nexus / HTC / LG etc smart phones,fits all phone’s width between 2.63 - 3.57inches. As to the thickness of the phone in a case,the thickness can not exceed 0.5inches

recording your golf swing
golf phone caddy for driving range
golf phone holder for golf course
magnetic golf phone holder
dprofy golf phone caddy
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Is It free shipping?
Yes, it don't need any shipping cost.
Can use on aluminum golf cart?
yes, you can insert the metal clip to windshield,then attach the magnetic golf phone holder to the metal clip.
Does the remote work with apps that use camera?
No need apps,just open the bluetooth of the remote and your cellphone,paired successful , open the camera of your cellphone ,then you can take photos or videos to record your golf swing.
Fit for heavy phone?
Yes, works great.